I: Good afternoon, could you help me, please? I need a wedding present for our close friend.

Assistant: Sure, madam. I think, I may say we have a really great variety of porcelain. I suppose it is the most suitable present for wedding. Look at this tea-service, they are just so nice and elegant!

I: Well, may be you are right. But I think it’s such an ordinary present… I wanted to highlight that they are my close friends and that I am on familiar terms with them.

Assistant: I see, madam. Sorry my asking, but what finance limitations do you have? It’ll help us to understand what sort of present you need.

I: Oh, never mind, I understand. Well, I think within the bound of reason (в пределах разумного), of course, but if I find something really worthy I won’t be stingy, believe me. So, I suppose my answer hasn’t helped you much.

Assistant: You are right, mam. But still thank you for trying. So, shall we go on looking for a present?

I: Sure! May we need something extraordinary, something that no one will even think of buying it as a wedding present. Do you have any ideas?

Assistant: Well, let me think, madam, just a moment… If you don’t mind my saying so we have such a service that you can bring the photos of a newly wedded couple and we will make a very beautiful picture at a reasonable price by the way. What do you think about it?I: Oh, it’s really unusual present, you know. But won’t it take too much time? To be honest I’d like to present them with a wedding present in a Big day. What do you think?

Assistant: Yes, sure. In a way you’re right. Everybody wants to be presented in a wedding day, not later. But… Oh, I’ve made up! You can present them with something minor when they are being married, for example a tea-service that you have already seen, and in 2-3 days after this you’ll present them with beautiful wedding photos.

I: It’s a great idea. Sorry, but can you make an album of their photos? I wish it was a big and interesting present so that they could scrutinize (тщательно рассматривали) it as many times as they want.

Assistant: Madam, we have never done it before but we’ll try. Maybe it’ll take some more days that 2-3 but it’s a really worth present, you see.

I: It’s so wonderful! So, their wedding will be in a 2 weeks and it means that I’ll bring you their photos also in 2 weeks. Maybe 1 day after this celebration, you know.

Assistant: Of course, we’ll wait for you arrival, madam. I’m sure that your friend is happy people if she has such a true friend.

I: Thank you so much! My friend is really happy because she is going to marriage. Your fancy has helped me, I’m so grateful to you!

Assistant: You’re welcome. Thank you for giving us so interesting work. See you!