сценарий для выступления в гимназии 21

Слайд 1- титульный

(слайд 2) Christmas is the season during which Christians everywhere give thanks to God the Father for the birth of His Son, Jesus Christ. Along with Easter and Pentecost, Christmas is one of the three great festival days of the church.

Christmas is celebrated all over the world and it has different traditions but in every country there are words to congratulate on Christmas and New Year.

(слайд 3) For example, Christmas in England is a family holiday. On the 25th of December families gather to celebrate it with different generations of relatives. On Christmas eve children hang stockings and wait for Santa Claus. They sing Christmas carols.

(слайд 4) One of the most famous is “ We wish you a merry Christmas”. (song in English)

(слайд5) In France some people start celebrating Christmas on the 6th of December, the day of St. Nicolas. Pere Noel (French Santa Claus) puts sweets and presents into children’s shoes. Families usually cook Yule log.

(слайд 6) We tried to translate this song into different language. In French it may sound like this. (song in French)

(слайд 7) In Germany people have a long Advent period to prepare for Christmas. They use a special Advent calendar to count days. The tradition of decorating of the X-mas tree is naturally German and Santa brings presents under it on the 24th of December.

(слайд 8) (song in German)

(слайд 9) Even in China some people celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December. It’s a new tradition and more cultural event than a religious feast. Young people usually go to cafes, present wrapped apples to each other.

(слайд 10)We have found New Year and Christmas words even in Chinese. (song in Chinese)

(слайд 11) In our country people celebrate orthodox Christmas on the 7th of January. People usually meet their families and friends, many people attend church services. Since ancient times young girls tell fortune on Christmas.

(слайд 12) We congratulate you on this holiday in our native language. (song in Russian)

В конце все вместе MERRY CHRISTMAS