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Lucian Freud

Lucian Freud was born in Berlin, Germany, But now he lives in London. He moved to Britain in 1933 when Hitler come to Germany . His grandfather be Sigmund Freud, the famous psychoanalyst.

He is 83 years old now, but he still work everyday. He love painting portraits of people. He paint on a painting for 8 or 9 months.

He study at the Central School of Arts in London in 1938 and 1939. Then he became a sailor in World War 2, he go to Hospital soon after, in 1942, he start painting. He won a prize at Festival of Britain in 1951 and he painted the Queen in 2001.

He is married twice, but now he living alone. He very often. His painting sell for a lot of money and people think he is Britain’s bests living painter.

Food around the world

The kind of food we eat depends on which part of the world we live in, or which

part of our country we live in. For example, in the south of China they eat rice, but in the

north they eat noodles. In Scandinavia, they eat a lot of herrings, and the Portuguese love

sardines. But in central Europe, away from the sea, people don’t eat so much fish, they

eat more meat and sausages. In Germany and Poland there are hundreds of different kinds

of sausages.

In North America, Australia and Europe there are two or more courses to every

meal and people eat with knives and forks. In China there is only one course, all the food

is together on the table, and they eat with chopsticks. In parts of India and in the Middle

East people use their fingers and bread to pick up the food.

Nowadays it is possible to transport food easily from one part of the world to the

other. We can eat what we like, when we like, at any time of the year. Our bananas come

from the Caribbean or Africa; our rice comes from India or the USA; our strawberries

come from Chile or Spain. Food is very big business. But people in poor countries are

still hungry, in people in rich countries eat too much.

My mother never came to meet me at Burnsley station when I arrived from London. So I always walked alone from the station to my mother House. And so tonight I had time to think. I had some very important news for my mother, but I didn’t know what to so say to her.

I wrote to my mother every week. But it’s difficult to write in a letter:» I think Agnes likes me» or «I’m in love with her» or » I think she’s in love with me.»

» I want to ask Agnes to marry me.»

Well, I couldn’t do it. And yesterday I asked Agnes to marry me, and she said yes.

My mother was a window. I was her only child — and now I was engaged and she didn’t know. I was ready for a difficult evening. I walked up to the front door. There was my mother . She smiled and put her arms around me. There was something different about her smile. I thought. » She knows about Agnes» But I said nothing.

I went into the dining room and here I had a surprise. There were three chairs, three plates and three glasses. Was Agnes her? Was it a surprise for me ? There was a knock at the door. «It’s Agnes!» U thought and I can to open it.

But it was Mr. Nixon. He was an old Friend of the family. «Good evening, young man.»- he said.

«Mr. Nixon is here for dinner, Philip» said my mother. I liked him, but I wasn’t very happy to see him tonight, because I wanted to talk to my mother. We started our dinner, but we didn’t say very much. At the end of the meal I told my mother that I wanted to go to the post office. I I had an important letter to post.

» A letter to a girl» laughed Mr. Nixon

«Yes»- I said

When I got back home Mr. Nixon was still there.

«Come and sit down, Philip» he said. «I want to marry your mother»

I was surprised.

«I asked her to marry me yesterday and she said yes. Did she tell you about me in her letters? No? Well, it’s difficult to write about that in letter, of course»

I laughed

It was something new to me that my mother coulf fail in love. Perhaps like all sons, I only thought about my own evening my mother came first for me. I could tell her about Agnes tomorrow.