вопросы по темам 4 кл. английский


What time do you go to school every morning? Why?

What is your favourite lesson? Why?

What do you do when you get home from school?


When does the school year in Great Britain usually begin?

Why don’t children have school bags, books, pencils, rubbers, rulers on their first school day? When do they get them?

What do children learn at school?

Do little children usually sit in rows in infant schools?

What subjects do English pupils have on the timetable in junior schools?

2. The History of LONDON

What was the name of the town the Romans built in England?

Where did William the Conqueror come from?

Where did William the Conqueror live when he was King? Why?

Where and when did the Great Fire of London start?

What is the heart of London? What places can you visit there?

Where does the British Prime Minister live?

Where is Westminster Abbey? How old is it? What is it famous for?

Where does the Queen of England live?

What is the main square of London?

What places of interest would you like to visit in London?


Are you a theatre-goer or cinema- goer? How often do you go there?

What kind of films do you like to see? Why?

What do you know about Walt Disney and Disneyland?

Have you got a library at home? Are there many books in it? Do you always read books up to the end?

What is your best friend’s hobby?

4. AMERICA (the USA)

What do you about Christopher Columbus?

When did the first settlements appear in America?

What was the name of the ship? Who was on board the ship?

When did Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day for the first time? Why did they do it?

What is the traditional food of this holiday?

Who lived in America many, many years ago? Where do most of them live now?

How many colonies were there in America in 1733? Why did they begin to fight for their independence?

What can you tell about “cowboy” clothes?

How many stars and stripes are there on the American flag? Why?

What other symbols of the United States do you know?


What symbols of Russia do you know?

There have been three capitals in Russia. Say what do you know about each of them?

Why did the Russian people call Smolensk the “key city”?

What are the famous places of interest in Moscow?

What can you tell us about Russian People?