Английский язык для автомехаников 2 курса

Английский язык для автомехаников 2 курса


1 The ____________ is directly being sprayed into the cylinder.

a. fuel\air mixture b. water c. oil

2 Open the ____ and let some sun and fresh air into the car.

a. trunk b. sunroof c. bonnet

3 When it starts raining, you need to switch on the ____.

a. fender b. headlights c. door

4 Can you put my suitcases in the ____, please?

a. boot b. wing mirror c. hood

5 Could you have a look in the road atlas? It’s in the ____.

a. glove compartment b. transmission c. exhaust system

6 The spark plug _____ the air\fuel mixture.

a. water b. ignites c. pressure

7 A 6-cylinder engine is more ______ than a 4-cylinder engine.

a. seat belt b. ignite c. powerful

8 All new cars now have airbags as standard so they are _____ than cars were years ago.

a. safer b. bigger c. faster

9 Fuel and air is compressed in the _____ chamber.

a. combustion b. transmit c. wheel

10 The rotational force generated by the engine is known as_____.

a. power stroke b. torque c. wheel