Мои стихотврения на английском

Good morning my darling, I hope you are fine

My hurt doesn’t want forget your love to my soul.

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I remember when you smiling

That mean you are loving.

But I always steel remember the day

When you going to airport

And I am staying alone.

In that day my hurt was broken

But your eyes was opened

Because you are wrong and you are said:

“I want comeback to your hurt,

Comeback to your soul,

Because only you understand to my hurt, to my mind and my soul”.

But I want to believe

I will find you in some city

And you will be looking so pretty.

I just want believe that you will never said to me: “Going away,

You just must be to stay with me

Because I didn’t see my life without you,

And I will be staying forever and ever with you

Because only you understand to my life, to my love and my soul,

And some true: I can’t live without you”.

You are my secret, my lovely

And you are my real dream in my real life.

Please, don’t close your hurt from my soul poems for you

Because only your hurt recalling to my pain,

When I know you didn’t come back to my dream life somehow in my city

Where I want wait to you my love.

And you will always must be remember some true about you:

You will always been my love.

Maybe you think I’m not so clever,

Maybe you think I’m wrong,

But now I’m really know:

If I say to you real true

You will stay with me forever

And you will never want to forget what I were writing to you in my message

What in reall time mean

How I overcharge to you

And your kind hurt

Who I so need in my life.

2). I know this life understanding can’t be have

Because I trying to observe

For any day her senseless instant,

When my sins was swimming crazy current,

I will start thinking about my slumber crazy.

I remember the day when with prose rotation the great blackbird:

“Save to me my autumn friend,

And I for you without fear to reward

In my province of forests. ”

And I will save the blackbird

With love and my quiet joy.

I believe the day is advance

When all people, birds, wood piles of veins

And playful lionesses get up before and tell:

“God, we fear your anger,

Don’t send to us in torment of hell,

But leave us how Adam

In your cloister, soon!”

3). I will know the great poet

He departing from life so young.

His song was to sing out

When soul understanding quiet.

He was need a freedom,

A freedom of life, necessary to singer.

Him broken power structures,

When he writing a great poems.

Poems about power of biting and rotting straight from within.

He understand that he live

He need only there,

Who will see understanding in the song repenting,

Penetrating the great syllable of themes.

The themes about false life,

About life lying,

And declaring.

Him to torment confusing doubts

Does he knowledge life

Or it was things of shining

Knows his great moral to that part of life

Where doubts concealing essential to live inside.

He understand symbols of structure,

Who torments his soul sins.

For what him that flours

Who departing in far worlds.

The worlds to keep secrets of instants his secular, mysterious soul.

4). Good morning people today I have a headache

Thank you for coming,

I want tell you about my mistake.

I remember the days

When I have beautiful morning

I wake up with my girlfriend

She always steel calling me

Wonderful man with beautiful plane to together life in the future.

I want find the door to this life,

But you close your road to my sincere love.

All of my love I seek to my road of your wonderful world.

Maybe, in the end of my life

I will find this answer to my agitation question

Why you did not coming to me, my beautiful angel,

Of my soul world.