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Тема № 2 для 11-а. Let’s talk about family traditions.

Let’s talk about family traditions. Why is it important to have family traditions?

Many families have their family traditions and our family is not an exception. I think it is important to have family traditions because they unite families. My favourite tradition is the tradition of celebrating the New Year. This holiday is very beautiful and we start preparing for it beforehand. First of all, we decorate a New Year tree. Then Mother cooks many tasty things for the New Year festivities. As a rule, we see the Old Year out at 11 p.m. to the chimes of the Kremlin clock. We see the New Year in to the Belarusian time. When the clock strikes 12, we raise our glasses with champagne. My parents allow me to drink only a drop of it. I always look forward to this holiday because everybody is in a good mood, there is a lot of music, tasty food and very good company.

Are there any family traditions that you follow?

In addition to our traditional New Year celebration we have some other family traditions like making barbecue at our summer cottage, making special gifts or going out for dinner to celebrate some achievements of our family members, going to the cemetery to pay tribute to our dead relatives on ‘Radunitsa’ day and others.

What will you ask your British friend about his family traditions?

What can you advise people who want to have a united family?

I think that the best advice will be: do things together and spend as much time as possible together. When children and parents do many things together, and when the parents are involved and protective towards their children, we see happy and united families.

You have to write a short article about family traditions in Belarus for a foreign newspaper. What will you write about?

I will write that there are a lot of family traditions in Belarus and many of them are passed from generation to generation. I think it is important to follow family traditions because traditions unite families. Then I will describe our family traditions connected with the New Year.