Тема № 1 для 11-а класса.

Let’s talk about family.

Let’s talk about your family. What is family for you?

Our family is not very large. There are 4 of us: father, mother, my sister and I. (3 of us: father, mother and I).

My mother is 40 (45, 38…) years old. She has short dark hair and hazel eyes. (She has fair wavy hair and blue eyes). She works as a nurse in a hospital (a teacher at a secondary school, an engineer at a plant, a book-keeper in a bank, a dressmaker). She is always as busy as a bee. We all try to help her as much as we can.

My father is a little bit older ( younger) than my mother. He is 42, 46, 39…). He is very keen on sport (fishing) and he spends a lot of time on his hobby. My father is a worker at a plant (a teacher at a technical school, a doctor, an engineer, a business-man). He often comes tired from work but he always finds time for us.

My sister is 2 years my senior. She studies at University. She is going to be a teacher/an engineer/an economist/a lawyer. (She works as a shop-assistant at a bookshop).

My sister is 4 years my junior. She is the baby of the family and we love her very much.

Are there any things that you do with your parents together?

It is not very easy to spend free time with my parents. You see our favourite pastimes differ greatly. For example, mother is a home sort. She likes watching TV and knitting. Father is always ready to go fishing, snow or rain. My favourite pastime is listening to music (playing computer games). But there are certainly things we do together. When we have holidays, we do everything together. We sometimes go on outings together and we have a very good time there. When I have spare time we do household chores together. All this makes our family more united.

What will you ask your British friend about his family?

What can you advise people who want to have a close and happy family?

I think that the best advice will be: do things together and spend as much time as possible together.

Nowadays an average family has one child. From your point of view, how many children should there be in a family?

From my point of view, there should be at least 3 children in the family. The children in big families are not selfish, they learn to help one another, they become mature persons sooner.