билеты туризм

Содержание билета:

1 – диалог/ монолог по теме

2 – перевод предложений с английского на русский

Вопросы к зачету по профессиональному английскому

Диалог — Встреча гостя в аэропорту с6-7

Описать любую экзотическую страну (Сингапур) с5

Описать достопримечательности любого европейского города (Копенгаген, Ливерпуль) с 24-26

Диалог – аренда авто с8-9

Регистрация в отеле (бронированный номер) с14-15

Маршрут по карте города с23

Качества, обязанности аниматора, +/- профессии с28, 30, 32

Рекомендации туристу (безопасность, здоровье, поведение) с33, 35

Диалог – в ресторане, описание еды с39

Диалог – жалоба с43

Особенности сельского туризма с45. 48-49

Диалог – прогноз погоды с50-51

Диалог – кемпинг с47

Примерные фразы для диалогов

Greeting and introducing

It’s nice to see you again

Welcome to our hotel!

On behalf of … we would like to welcome you ….

Let me introduce myself

This is my colleague…

How are you doing?

How was your flight?

We’ll be looking after you tonight

Is everything to your satisfaction?

Let me get you some more wine

Let me take your bags

You must be Mr. Brown? You are Mr. Brown, aren’t you?

Car hire

-Can I help you?

-We pre-booked a car. We came to pick it up

- what’s your name?

- Smith

- here we are. You booked the four door economy manual with air-conditioning?

- That’s right

- Would you like to upgrade your car?

- No. thanks. i think we’ll be OK in the economy

- When are you going to drop off?

- on the 5th of August

- Do you want to take out any insurance cover?

- a collision damage waiver please

- OK. Is there anything else you require?

- No, thanks.

- Could you just sign here?

- ok

- how will you be paying?

- by credit card. Here you are

- Thank you, Mr. Smith. Here’s your key. Have a good trip

Thank you

Registration procedures

Good morning , sir. How can I help you?

I have a reservation in my name. Walter Miller.

Mr. Miller. let me see… yes, here you are. A twin-bedded room, non-smoking, 3 nights.

That’s right

Could I see some identification, please?

Here you are.

OK. Will you be using the garage?

No. thanks.

Will you be paying by credit card?

Yes. American Express.

Could I just have your card a moment please, to swipe it?

Yes. Here you are.

OK. And could you just sign here on the registration card. and this is your key card. welcome to our hotel.

Thank you.

Not at all. Have a nice day

Route around the city

Come out of the building, turn right/ left and go down the street. Walk on through the park until you come to the fork in the road, turn right and go along the Queen Street, go past the shops, then you’ll come up to the hill. Head up the hill and you are there. It will take no longer than 15 minutes.

Describing dishes and taking the orders

Are you ready to order?

Enjoy your meal

A table for two?

Here’s the menu

This way, please

Would you like to order some wine with your meal?

Can I get you an aperitif?

The salad is made of chopped tomatoes

It’s a bit like a soup

It’s cooked with vegetables

It’s served with potatoes

The meat is covered in breadcrumbs

It’s typically eaten for breakfast

The main ingredients are…

It’s seasoned with a pepper

Dealing with complaints

I’m really disappointed

My room is very hot/ messy

The air conditioner is out of work

The sink is clogged and I can’t flash the water.

The water pipe got some problems

There are no clean towels in my bathroom

It seems that there are some problems with the air conditioner

I’m not satisfied

I can’t stand it anymore

Could you tell me what’s going on?

What’s wrong with your hotel?

How may I help you?

we apologize for the inconvenience

We deeply apologize

I’m so sorry/ we’re terrible sorry for that

Please accept our apologies

Is there anything I can do for you?

It’s my pleasure

Thanks for your calling

This kind of situation will not happen again

I’ll send someone immediately

I’ll send a plumber

We’d like to upgrade you to a luxury suit without any other costs

I’ll send a maintenance worker to check it right away

I’ll ask the housekeeper to come to clean your room up immediately

I’ll send a bellhop to help you to move your luggage

The housekeeper examined the room before you checked in

We can set another room for you

Rural tourism

Hello. Can I help you?

Yes. We booked a place online. the name is Adams.

Let me see your file…here we are – 2 adults, 2 children for 2 weeks. and there are 2 pitches – for a motorhome and for a family mountain tent.

That’s right

Could you give me your passport, please?

Of course. Here you are

Will you be using an electric hook-up?


Could you just sign here. this is for you – your registration card. can you hang it over the door of your tent. You’re in a zone B in pitches 34 and 35